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“I have truly enjoyed the energy that Kristine brings to my retail stores! Her years of knowledge have  helped my business achieve internal systems & greater margins!  Her passion for accessories has taught my staff to increase add-on sales more  than I ever imagined.”

Colleen Connelly Owner, A’Tu Jewelry & Clothing – Sarasota , FL

“Kristine Davis is extremely talented and excels in sales and new product development. Over the years she has ‘brought to market’ some very key and successful products. I’ve had the opportunity to work side-by-side with Kristine at trade shows; she is a passionate and convincing salesperson. Kristine would be an asset to any company that employed or contracted with her.”

Randy Gottlieb The Center Stage – Phoenix , AZ

“Kristine is a fine example of a modern day entrepreneur of distinction. To go along with her merchandising skill, she is a wonderful person.”

Herb Baron Innovator and Merchandiser, Author, Entrepreneur